Dec 28, 2009

Maybe one day my dream'll come true..

Not that i'm dreaming of too much. It's quite normal. But i will be able to reach it only by working very hard. Earn some money, resolve all formalities & move for about 4 month to my favourite city to start some education. I won't  tell more exactly now, cause i don't want it to be only in words. So when it'll start to transform to some activities and gain first goals i promise i'll tell ya!) As for now it's 3 days left till new 2010 year will replase 2009 for good. It's time for talling up all we went through in the old year and making wishes for the upcoming. Not that we've to start a new life, but improve our mistakes and make steps forward only. Even on Mars it works!:) The main rule is "Don't be common, be yourself". It's the only way to be happy i think or try to catch some happyness. I've been wrong acting too impulsive and insensible to my closest people, but now i've changed that. I've been wrong even to myself, but now it's really over. And my mind is open for signals from outerspace, i've learnt to decode them, I've learnt to understand my body too and i'm very glad. It's the new era...begins.

P.S. My Alien dog's helping me to deal with my lame so i'm ready to do lots of things tomorrow. By the way i've found some inspiring looks done by talented make-up artists from CMS. And i wanna lurn to use them. Maybe i'll practise before NY10 party.

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