Jan 15, 2011

Beauty Through the Decades: 90's

That's how, step by step, we've come up to 90's. The decade of various beauty standarts that were incredibly diverse and constantly changing. I may be wrong, but i think that this decade was a certain transition moment when fashion models became as popular as famous actress and singers and deservedly concurred prefix "super-". You may not know the name of Gia Carangi (though she was one of the first supermodels), but you definitely heard of Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Kate Moss. Breaking into the highest league of models Kate Moss brought with herself a standard of extreme thinness, sometimes referred to as "heroin chic" from the strung-out, emaciated appearance of the face and body. In my opininon that looks great, but not on everybody. And that "androgyny" or "unisex" trend grew into the deepest layers of fashion's mind. So now in 2011 woman in fashion hardly can afford "loosening the belts", except Crystal Renn  of course (& other "+" size models). In the early 90's Grunge was extremly popular not only in music, but also in fashion and lifestyle. Courtney Love can proove that!) Those who weren't on grunge, were on rave, rap, pop-punk, brit rock or anything else that was popular back then. Tongue, eyebrow and nose piercings (for both men and women) also came into vogue in the '90s and even crossed into the "mainstream" of youth culture. And for sure most of the teenage girls wanted to look like one of the "Spice Girls". Well, let's look over those, who were on the peak!)
 "Spice Girls"
90's supermodels
famous 90s "Beverly Hills 90210" series
Alicia Silverstone is an American actress, author, and former fashion model. She first came to widespread attention in music videos for Aerosmith, and is best known for her roles in Hollywood films such as CluelessBatgirl in (1995) and her portrayal of Batman & Robin (1997).
 Carla Bruni is an Italian-born French songwriter, singer, and former model.
 Christy Turlington is an American model best known for representing Calvin Klein from 1987 to 2007.
 Cindy Crawford is a former American model. Known for her trademark moleVH1's just above her lip, Crawford has adorned hundreds of magazine covers throughout her career. She was named #3 on 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s. Her success at modeling made her a celebrity that has led to roles in television and film, and to work as a spokesperson.
Claudia Schiffer is a German model and occasional actress, who reached the peak of her popularity during the 1990s, initially due to her resemblance to Brigitte Bardot. Schiffer is one of the world's most successful models, having appeared on over 500 magazine covers.
 Kate Moss is an English model. She has appeared on over 50 magazine covers and in magazine spreads. She is also notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle. In 2007, she came 2nd on the Forbes top-earning models list, estimated to have earned $9 million in one year.
 Linda Evangelista is a famous Canadian Supermodel of 90s.
 Naomi Campbell is a British model. Campbell started her career in the 1980s and is considered a supermodel having regularly appeared on the catwalks of Milan and Paris as well as on over 500 covers for such magazines as Vogue Italia, Japanese Vogue, Elle, i-D, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Interview, W, Vanity Fair and GQ. She was the first black cover model for French Vogue, the second for British Vogue and Time magazine. Campbell is also known for a series of legal issues and less known for her extensive charity work. In Europe, Campbell is also known for the perfumes associated with her name.
 Drew Berrymore is an American actress, film producer and film director. She is a member of the Barrymore family of American actors and granddaughter of John Barrymore.
 Neve Campbell is a Canadian actress. After beginning her career on stage, she achieved fame on the 1990s television series Party of Five, playing the role of teenager Julia Salinger. She subsequently appeared in leading roles in several Hollywood films, including Scream, The Craft, and Wild Things, and has since appeared in smaller parts and returned to stage roles.
 Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress, Spokes model, and humanitarian.
 PJ Harvey is a English musician and singer-songwriter. She was raised in Corscombe, Dorset and Yeovil, Somerset. Growing up, her parents were both fans of American blues music. Their record collection exposed Harvey not only to the blues but also to Captain Beefheart. Both the blues and Beefheart would become major influences on Harvey’s own musical style.
 Sherilyn Fenn is an American actress. She came to international attention for her performance as Audrey Horne on the 1990 cult TV series Twin Peaks.
 Shirley Manson is a Scottish recording artist and actress, best known internationally as the lead singer of the alternative rock band Garbage.
 Kylie Minogue is an Australian pop singer, songwriter, and actress.
Courtney Love is an American rock musician and actress. Love is primarily known as lead singer, guitarist and lyricist for alternative rock band Hole, as well as for her publicity-ridden marriage to the late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain.
 Fiona Apple is an American singer-songwriter. Her 1996 debut album Tidal received a Grammy Award for the song "Criminal".
 Gwyneth Paltrow is a famous American actress.
 Gwen Stefani is an American singer-songwriter and fashion designer. Stefani is the lead vocalist for the rock band No Doubt.
 Winona Ryder is an american actress.
 Christina Ricci is an American actress. Ricci received initial recognition and praise as a child star for her performance as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993), and her role as Kat Harvey in Casper (1995). Ricci made a transition into more adult-oriented roles with The Ice Storm (1997), followed by an acclaimed performance in The Opposite of Sex (1998), for which she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. She continued her success with well-received performances in Sleepy Hollow (1999) and Monster (2003).
 Supermodels of 90s: Cindy & Claudia
 Juliet Lewis is an American actress and musician. Juliette gained international fame for her role in the 1991 thriller Cape Fear for which she received an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations. This followed with major roles in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Natural Born Killers, The Evening Star, and From Dusk Till Dawn. Her work in television has resulted in two Emmy nominations.
 Kim Basinger is an American actress and former fashion model.
 Madonna (one of her 90s looks)
 Monica Belluci is an Italian actress and fashion model.
 Sharon Stone is an American actress, film producer, and former fashion model. She achieved international recognition for her role in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her performance in Casino.
 Sophie Marceau is a French actress.
 Vanessa Paradis is a French singer, model and actress. She became a child star at 14 with the worldwide success of her single "Joe le taxi". Since then, she has accomplished a career in music, movies and modelling.
 Liv Tyler (born July 1, 1977) is an American actress and model. She is the daughter of Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler, and Bebe Buell, model and singer. Tyler began a career in modeling at the age of 14, but after less than a year she decided to focus on acting.
Tori Amos is an American pianist and singer-songwriter. She was at the forefront of a number of female singer-songwriters in the early 1990s and was noteworthy early in her career as one of the few alternative rock performers to use a piano as her primary instrument.
P.S. Dear Earthling, if i've forgot somebody beautiful and important of this time period - please do not keep silence! Leave Comments, telling me who should also be in the list. Merci.


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