Jun 29, 2010

Make Up Brands

I had this idea quite a long ago..to gather professional opinions on make-up brands. The chose is wide, but that doesn't make it easier to pick up the right item sometimes. For professionals, non-professionals, beginners or simply for people who are into this big full-fledged beauty industry. And of course i want your opinions too. As much as possible!)
The first person i asked to list her favourites was Laney Chantal, professional make-up artist from Hollywood, a Suicide Girl model. This Lady have finished CMS school and done make-up for Marilyn Manson members during the high end of low 2009 tour.

                                                           Laney Chantal for SG (c)

MAC - I love mac the most for their Full Coverage Foundation. This is good if you are not going for an all natural beauty look. It completely covers all your blemishes. When you use this, It is important that you use a lot of highlighting and shading as well, since it turns your face one flat color. Many drag queens use this product as well. MAC's bronzers are really great too. They blend very well after you apply your powder. The pigments are very popular, but I have yet to really play with them. Their brushes are really great too! I use the paint pots on Twiggy on tour. This is a cream shadow/liner that dried matte, and does not crease. The only negative feedback on these products is that MAC is on the pricey side if you are on a budget.

Make Up Forever - They have great makeup! I always use their powder on both Twiggy and myself. Their liquid foundation is insanely amazing if you are looking for a lighter, more natural look. Once, on you still feel like your face can breath and it will not cake. Their powder eyeshadows stay on all day and blend greatly. Plus they have a super large selection. They always have great false eye lashes as well. Their prices are about the same as MAC.

Nyx - Nyx is a super fun, super great, super affordable makeup line. I wouldn't suggest using their foundations, but their eye shadows, glitter palettes, cream shadows, ohmygosh everything is so great! As long as you have a great primer and foundation on, I say use this line to explore. Lots of fun. Just check it out.

Too Faced - Not only does Too Faced have the coolest packaging ever, It works great! I always use their smokey eye kit. Almost everyday. They have great. . .well everything. I have yet to have a problem with their line, and they are also affordable.

Kryolan - This is one of the best makeup lines. Ever. Not only does it supply everything for beauty, but it supplies for FX as well. My favorite thing about their foundation is that they have Hi-Def for TV! So if you are a makeup artist that works for film, this is perfect! Since it is high def, it leaves no streaks and it is super light. I also always use their matte cream. You apply this before your foundation and what it does is keep your face dry, so you don't sweat your makeup off! It works so great! For their FX, if you are into doing drag, or fun club makeups, their plastic eyebrow pencil is a must! It platers your brows to your face so you can have the look of having no eyebrows at all! I of course shave my brows, but when I do makeup on others, I always use this.

Obsessive Compulsive - All I have ever used from this line is their Lip Tar. && It is so amazing that It made my top favorite makeup brands. They are little tubes of glossy lipstick that last forever. But my favorite part about them are the choices of colors. Last year at LA IMATS I watched a demo where an artist was doing eye makeup with them! They are really wet and glossy, but they don't crease! Their pigments are super strong and stay all day/night. They cost usually around 12 dollars a tube, but last a lifetime.

Reel Creations - Reel Creations is my favorite FX company. They have pretty much everything including fake blood, scabs, dirt, facial hair, tattoos, airbrush, and eyeshadows. My favorite thing of theirs are the Reel Palettes. They are like water color palettes, except you mix them with 99% alcohol. That way the colors will stick all day weather or not you sweat or not. You use these colors for infections, coloring prosthetics, old age, freckles, etc.

Wolfe Brothers - Wolfe brothers is my favorite brand for flamboyant makeups and body painting. It is just like watercolor, but for your body. They have a neon, backlight, metallic, and natural palette. Seriously, there is endless possibilities with these. They run about 20 dollars a palette, but are worth so much more (in my opinion)

I'll add a few make-up brands to what Laney had already mention:

Make-Up Store -  I first time saw Make-Up Store a few years ago, even before MAC has been opened in my city. It has two lines: make-up & body. I've used both. It has very good sparkling loose powder & a great chose of naturally made faux eyelashes. I remember wearing their eyelashes for lots of time. My favourites are:

It looks spectacular! No-one will pass by without looking back at you, i promise! But it's not that easy to pt them on. You've gotta have some skills. Anyway it's worth trying. I prefer to use it with  transparent eyelashes glue by Kryolan. No matter how long are your lashes today - this glue will keep them on a right place all night long.
Also Make-up store has a very good BASE (it's called studio fondation), loose powder, a wide choice of brushes and make-up bags and lots of other tempting stuff. I absolutely LOVE strawberry body cream. It has lightest silky texture and breathtaking odour of wild-strawberries. All of these little pleasures costs quite the same as MAC.

Lime Crime - It's a must have for people who love some crazy colours on their face. It's definitely worth checking out! And it has a world-wide shipping which is free if you buy their products for more than a 100$. I absolutely love it & ordered more than a half of the current collection. Now waiting for my order to come and i try it on me & ma girls.) It has a funny package  - pink with a silver unicorn, very girlish and extravagant.

Bobbi Brown - This brand is one of my favourites. It has lot's of tempting products to buy. I love all of it. unfortunately it's not represented in my city so i can only shop for it via internet or when i'm travelling.

Ben Nye - is for theatrical and cimena make-up. It has a widest choice of products. My family friend sent me a gift pack of Ben Nye cosmetics. It has nose & scar wax, fake blood (that looks very natural), really cool make-up remover that cleanse everything, spirit gum remouver and a silver grey hair colour. So now i can transform into one of those alien models from the last Alexander McQueen fashion show any time i want.

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