May 26, 2010


I must say that i hate diets, but i like when i don't have an appetite for a long time. It's so much easier. Unfortunately my body's not at all as skinny as i want it to be. Moreover i've taken i few excess kilos this year - which is awful. You know, when you show up on a fashion event - you're automatically compare yourself with models, and after that all your curves looks like a real fat. That's why i've came to my final decision to manage this problem with the help of the diet that gave me some magic results last summer. And of course - sports.
This magic killer of your extra kilos is called buckwheat.
Buckwheat diet heavy enough, but effective: enables to loose 5-10 kg for one week. All that is necessary  is the especial prepared buckwheat all the week long (or even two as i've experienced last time). After end of a diet, it is necessary to eat moderately to not collect the weight again. Try to make the diet after a diet as much as possible healthy.
It is possible to wash down a buckwheat 1% s' fat yoghutr or water. In day it is impossible to drink more than 1 liter of yoghurt, but the buckwheat and water can be used unlimited. An interval between reception of food and a dream should be not less than 4 hours. It is possible to add the moderate quantity of fruit, or 20-30 grams of yoghurt. But is better not to eat after 6 pm at all.
It shouldn’t be boiled, but poured with boiling water. The quantity of buckwheat is not restricted. It is very substantial, and one glass of buckwheat will be enough for a day.
-helps you to lose weight in short terms
-you do not feel yourself hungry (except first 3 days)
-it's healthy
-it's gluten free diet
-it's cheap
-it's a mono-diet, so you'll have to eat only buckwheat. And it seems impossible for people who don't like it.
-it has no glucose so if you have to be mental-ACTIVE, you can avoid yourself a glass of hot water-lemon-honey coctail a day.


  1. how much pounds or kilos have you lost with this diet?! regards

  2. Last time i've been using this diet i've lost 17.6 pounds in 2 weeks. I've also lost an appetite. And i didn't gain waight for a long long time until i had a cruel stress. It was a visible result all my friends told me i look kinda thin. The only thing you have to go through is first 3 days..when you feel withdrawal pains then you see people eating.

  3. when you convert pounds in kilos there must be roundabout 3 kilo right?regards

  4. by the way buckwheat is absolutly equivalent to meat ! (i mean vitamins and minerals) But maximum for this diet is 2 weeks, and after you should stop eating a healthy useful products and i alway tell you DONT FORGET ABOUT SPORT otherwise no diet will work or help

  5. i wanted to stay you shoulnd not stop..^

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