Feb 21, 2011

David Bowie

It's not a secret that Bowie has always been the great source of my inspirations. I tell you even more - he's the one i wore on my self-styled t-shirt though i never wore musicians on my clothes, i'm fine with them playing out of my record player. One more example of person/artist who's perfect at anytime. My parents were listening to his music, some younger musician were inspired by Bowie and now so am i. There is no time between us, really. By the way..he's not only a great musician, ..but a great showman and actor as well. Mmm, Ziggy Stardust, even you were young and green back in the days..
David Bowie- Heroes
Let's watch him through the flow of time..
P.S. What about your favourite Bowie?)
The Young London Boy
1967 Bowie
Hunky Dory Bowie
 Bowie with his newborn son Zowie 1971
Bowie as a Ziggy Stardust Live 1972
 Ziggy Stardust
One more Ziggy
Aladdin Sane
Bowie as a Dimond Dog
The Jean Genie Bowie
 Aladdine Sane
 The Thin White Duke Bowie (1974-76)
 The Thin White Duke
 The Thin White Duke Bowie (1974-76)
  The Thin White Duke Bowie (1974-76)
A Man Who Fell To Earth (1976)
Thomas Jerome Newton as A Man Who Fell To Earth (1976)
 Thomas Jerome Newton (1976)
1977's Bowie
 Ashes To Ashes
China Girl's Bowie (80's)
Cracked Actor
The Older Guy (90's or 00's)
 David with supermoder Kate Moss in  "Q" Magazine 2003
 with his beautiful wife Iman (nowadays)


  1. Really cool pictures, not the obvious ones you get either! You got your dates wrong on some though, but that was obviously a typo! Really cool pictures!

  2. Thank you Joe,
    David got so many amazing pictures, you know..It was not that easy to pick up the "best ones", cause all of them are special in their own different ways. So i'm glad you liked it.
    I hope you can help me out with the dates i got wrong. I want them to be correct.
    Looking foreward to hear from you.
    Here'a my e-mail: sorockyhorror@gmail.com

  3. i love this! thanks for sharing!

  4. By the way, the Thin White Duke era was 74-76, not 84-85!!

  5. I don't really know what I was thinking about when i made this blunder. I mean i always knew the TWD era timeline..,..head in clouds. Sorry people! And thanks for the correction.;)

  6. amazing pictures! so many good ones i had never seen before. my favourites are 1967 Bowie, The Jean Genie Bowie, The Thin White Duke Bowie (1974-76), and Mature.

  7. David is incredibly beautiful! nice selection of pictures :)

  8. I love David Bowie and of course his music. If I had to pick a favorite era of his it would be either the Ziggy Stardust or the diamond dogs era. But he was very cute as the young london boy. There are literaly no words to discribe this except. Lovely. I'm very happy he's living a happy life with his family. Thanks for sharing this I love it.

  9. I love david bowie I think he is HAWT, but i'm only 13. is that normal?

  10. So cool great pics.
    Great to see Bowie is living is life so well
    Now what we need is:
    a new record - Come on,we need is music,to save us from this
    horrible world of music we are listening. Radio and Mtv ond other channels only
    like to show bad music - We need you David, please make another smash album
    and please tour again - I start to listen is music at the youngest age 6 years.
    It was on 1983 and i have the oldest vinyl records. Come to Portugal :p
    Also thanks for the pics Valerie Wilde - your site kick´s ass.