Feb 19, 2011

..To Get My Rocks Off..)

That's how i'm loosing my writing skills..since i've passed my examinations at the university this February i had almost two weeks for myself..just to horse around, see friends, do some little things i never really have time for, get back to writing lyrics, listen to all those music i've downloaded and many other pleasant things. My mind has cleared up a bit. Now it's time to look for a job..haha until next June (when i'll be passing my exams again). Wow, i wasn't supposed to say all that..I just wanted to show you guys some pictures i've took as a photographer and make-up artist with the help of my friend Uliana (who had her first experience as a model) while we were hanging around at my appartment cause it was so damn cold outside. Don't be too strict in judjing our professional skills - we're not magicians, we're only studying!)

This is my friend Uliana, who've been a good model for me. Ice & Fire - all in one! In life she loves rock music, but for first hours of shooting she patiently played a role of good girl even she never felt like beeing one..)
Luckily for us, i've already had in mind another role for Uliana - something between Keith Richrds, Janis Joplin and maybe someone like Courtney. So the main thing here was a good inspiring playlist..that provided us with the right atmosphere. Talking about the details, it's pretty easy to recreate an image of rockstar if you own a couple guitars, leather jackets, flares or skinny jeans, lipsticks and black eyeliners...and of course..the spirit of rock'n'roll boiling in your veins!
i believe everybody knows how to make a hairstyle a-la "i've just got out of my bed".., don't you? There are many different methods, indeed. If anyone interested in mine, see, it's one of the easiest. For a more subdued morning look, comb your hair wax or gel through the top layers of your hair and then continuously lift these layers up and out until they look separated, full and messy. Apply hairspray to keep the layers from going flat. For a wilder look, comb the product through your hair with your head and hair down toward the ground. Grab chunks of hair with your hands and tousle them by swirling each chunk around in circles. Let go, lift your head and apply hairspray. These styles work best with naturally drying hair. However, if you're going to use a hairdryer, hold one hand flat against your hair and continuously tousle and swirl it as you dry, so that it does not dry straight or in one direction. 
 Looks like Jerry Hall met young Madonna!

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