Feb 11, 2010

We are so perfect. Immaculate.

Oneday you just wake up & realize you're different. Freedom kisses you individually. And you become more cherished by the others..or not cherished. Anyway you grew up into smth more powerful. Don't be afraid of that...
Laying at home. All sick again. So tired to be weak that i can't help crying. Alone with thoughts and whispers. I wish i was somewhere far away...maybe travel in time and get to Coachella 2010. But anyway i have enough time to watch all the movies i had no time for...I've already seen "Dorian Grey" which is okay (i like directors vision, it's really good screen version of the book, but if i had to choose i'd prefer the original) and "S.Darko" which is a sequel of my fave "Donnie Darko" movie. I think i must share a few words about that..Even lots of people say it's a silly attempt to copy genious "Donnie Darko" by Richard Kelly i would rather say it's "following the same road with another wind direction". The idea is in the air, but so heated up that it’s not easy to touch. You have to travel to the other side of the screen to get it. And think different. Not in “category” notion. I'm not going to speak about the plot - you better watch it yourself than reading "reviews". I liked the heroes: Sam, Iraq Jack, Randy, sultry girlfriend Corey. The music during the movie was just amazing!!! Ed Harcourt made the score OST fantastically. Bonus tracks just broke my heart -
The Chemical Brothers - Alive Alone; Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic; and in the end of the film...i didn't expect it – Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas - almost send shivers of pleasure down my spine. Camera's man work is quite as good as in "DD".
Corey: Only two more good mornings.
Sam: Only one more day.
Corey: We are so perfect.
Sam: Immaculate.


  1. dd acared me a bit whe I first saw it...

  2. it's not so scary but it really takes you with its athmosphere..somewhere away. And this it a bit creepy. I mean to understand where we live after watching it.