Sep 15, 2010

GaGa meatlook

Well well well there's nothing to do with LAdy GaGa as she's planning her appearances more rigorously than even David Bowie or Marilyn Manson at the highest peak of their popularity. I must say she's the only person that surprizes me with her extravagance now..there are lots of people who know different shock hooks, but she takes the lead, especially with this meatlook outfit she wore at Mtv Video Awards 2010, continuing the tradition she started doing the cover for Vogue Homme Japan.
 Why meat and not punkcakes? GaGa, i expect more unpredictability from you!) But you move in the right way. When things come to shocking behaviour all your tricks seem right, but..there is one rule..if you've seen   horror movie once, it won't horrify you twice..(not for all people though). But you've given a great credit to Alice Cooper, Babe, and did it your way, in only your arty, high-fashion manner. As for Gaga's hairstyle - really reminds me of Audrey Kitching, but in azure colours. What do you think?
Gaga on MTV video Awards
Audrey Kitching in her blog on buzznet

The colour's so..beautiful. Love the coloured hair, especially when it comes to Gaga and Audrey. But Raquel Reed is good too with her wild blue hair and plastic-fantastic style!

 But lets get back to Gaga's dresses! If that meat one reminded me of some crazy contemporary artists, but actually it was a work of  Franc Fernandez..the next gown she wore on the red carpet looks really luxurious and it's designed by...,ta-daaaam, Alexander McQueen. I think this is the one of the best dresses i've ever seen and it extremely fits her, making her look like a ..Queen of A New Fantasy World.

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