Mar 11, 2011

Fragility of Things...

Last night i could't sleep. My heart was dancing magic beats despite my will. I took two pills to calm down. But that strange feeling didn't want to escape. My eyes were red and dry. When i felt on my bed in the morning..nightmares were following me. And later i heard the news..about a huge earthquake in Japan. I always turn everything off when i hear something that tragic. I guess, many people do the same. Our world, where we live is so fragile, even sometimes it seem powerfull. And when i look from far above when i'm walking in the clouds of my dreams i see people changing..i'm watching them opening their eyes. It's hard to imagine WHAT is going on THERE from our cosy appartments. But i feel the pain. Like the part of me is dying and i'm sitting and watching it and there is nothing i could do.
I think we should do our best to show much love to THIS PLANET and all frail. And do our best to help the suffering. Even if we are not there.

There's always something we can do...CHECK OUT THIS

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  1. It's really so...And we are all like little gnats infront of the nature...