Mar 26, 2011

Marnie Weber

This post wasn't supposed to happen if I haven't found this wonderful artist in a DrollGirl blog. Marnie Weber and her art works totally captured my mind. This is what i call LOVE FROM THE FIRST SIGHT. Dark, gloomy, mysterious, macabre, radiant pieces of art. You can think on their meaning, you can just enjoy them.
I've never heard of this contemporary artist before. And i must have missed something special. Marnie Weber (born 1959) lives and works in LA. Her work includes photography, collage, sculpture, costume, installations, film, video,  performances and music. She performed and recorded with such bands as "The Party Boys" (as a bass player) and "The Perfect Me". Marnie released two solo albums, Woman with Bass, 1994 and Cry for Happy, 1996, both recorded as "Marnie". Her work is also featured on the cover of the 1998 Sonic Youth album "A Thousand Leaves".

  • Much of Weber's visual art revolves around a recurring cast of characters. An animal often found in her work is the bear, which is linked to the Greek goddess Artemis. These characters, among others, are placed in "vividly colorful environment[s]",ornate, Empire style interiors or dark, dense, eerie landscapes. Her work most often focuses on the adventures of women, which sometimes take the form of half-human, half-animal hybrids with bodies cut from pornographic magazines, and other times, pale-faced, folksy ghosts known as "Spirit Girls"
  • The Spirit Girls is the name of Marnie Weber's alt-rock musical group and also refers to a group of characters that are found in her art. "[They] are the specters of five adolescents, killed in their prime, who come back to the real world to 'express things they weren't able to express' while they were alive."
 Here are some of her MAGIC works

The next few pictures are from "The Campfire Song" video

For more visit Marnie Weber Official Web-Site

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