Oct 26, 2012

Heavy Metal Machine

  Last Friday (October 19th 2012) my friend Uliana Serova asked me out to a concert of heavy-metal band from Finland - "Domination Black". I couldn't refuse it - just said "yes", even without preparing myself for the gig as I often do. Normally, I'd listen to at least a couple of songs or better an album to get the idea of what the music is about. This time it has started with sight for me. And it was damn good.

  Guys came to Saint-Petersburg, Russia for the first time (with a gig) from Kotka, Finland where the band was formed in 2003. Journalists determine their music as "thrash" with lots of heavy-metal, spiced-up with horror lyrics. Musicians themselves said to be grown up listening to such bands as: Halloween, Judas Priest, Jethro Tull, Queen, Rush, AC/DC, W.A.S.P., Anthrax, Kiss, Motley Crue, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Type-O-Negative, e.t.c. By now "Domination Black" released three albums and one mini-album: 2005's "Fearbringer" on Poison Arrow Records, 2006's "Dark Legacy" released on the same label, 2008's mini-cd "Hunting" on Violent Journey Records and 2012's "Dimension:Death" released on Kanki Rekords/Playground Music.

  Lately some changes affected "Domination Black" - new vocalist Matias Palm' s joined the band. Needless to sell  these changes were all for good. Matias has very powerful voice. But in their music they still faithful to themselves. Now "Doninatiom Black" is: Matias Palm on vocals, Lauri Eerola on bass, Wille Wiren on lead and rhythm guitars, Teppo Heiskanen also responsible for guitars, Juuso Elminen on keyboards and Juha Beck on drums.

  Well, now when we're a little acquainted with the band, let's get back to the gig. The ticket said that the show begins at 6 pm, but actually it has started later. When we arrived, the club was almost empty. Only the band checking & tuning the sound, organizers of the gig and a few fans. We've walked into the hall and occupied a little table near the bar. Still no-one was around except of a bartender and waitress. We just thought it's because of everyone are being late. A kind of a tradition in Russia: Artists are often late for an hour or more, fans know it and do not hurry. Anyway, that was a little strange. Then guys took their instruments and began to play. Regardless of anything. With their long hair hidden in ponytails. That wasn't even the beginning as we thought at the moment. It was a sort of rehearsal or something. After a couple of songs were played, musicians escaped behind the scenes. We were left to ourselves..joking and giggling as we always do, wandering around the bar, trying to feel the atmosphere and kill the time. But then a man, perhaps the organizer, came onto the stage and told everyone that the show will start at 8 pm, coz the opening band - "Skoraya Pomosch" is ill. Ta-da.

  An hour later, finally, everybody is on their places. "Domination Black" is on stage. With their long hair hanging down... The sound spreading through the hall and reaching the hearts and the ears of the listeners. With the chords of the first song from the set list - "Legacy Of Fears" people are waking-up. The energy and fuel is pouring from the stage. Everybody felt it, I'm sure. Despite the fact that there weren't lots of people who came to the gig, it was such a good vibe! Super-friendly atmosphere definitely worth it.
 Legacy of Fears
 Porter At The Gates Go Hell
 The Hellbound
 Haunted Hell House
 Deja Vu (Iron Maiden cover)
 Cold Touch
 Passage Of The Death
 Final Sigh
 House Of 100 Eyes
Traitor Within

P.S. Hope this heavy-metal machine called "Black Domination" will come back someday and there will be more people to feel that energy and profesionalism.

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