Jan 13, 2010

feel like WOW!!!

It's not that i only like reposting some catchy photos from one blog to another, no..That's not what i really do. I just want to create some kind of a lilltle digital world where you can find out about really talented, not  down-to-earth, people and what they do, about things that thrills me, about things that can thrill you, about dreams, about non-humanity life, about magic, about light, and even about myself sometimes. So if you are in - you are in...and ofcourse a little bit out of this world.)

P.S. I can't even think of sleeping, even i want it so much. 24 hour battery still works for this mounth. I have to do lot's of things now and i really don't have enough time. Hey, genius scientist, where are you??? I need you so much to freeze the time!

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