Apr 19, 2010


  Lately in 2010 Cruel Black Dove released their new EP called "The Myth & The Sum".  Occasionally I was the one who heard it and after that i can't help falling in love with their music. So now i feel like saying a few words about that...
  Despite the fact i've noticed CBD just now, these guys are together for quite a long time. They released their first EP in 2006 and it was called "Dirt & Heat", 2 years later the 2nd EP followed by the name of "Full Powers". And all these years i haven't heard of them!!! WHY?!
Their sound is all the best from 90s mixed in one powerful musical hurricane named "Cruel Black Dove"!!! And since white looks good on black this band has got all chances to gain the recognition of the audience. Music on "The Myth & the Sum" is a sophisticated interlacing of thick bass and catching melodies - all packed in futuristic carcass.
  There are 4 members in the band: Anastasia Dimou (vocals), Alan Veucasovic (guitar), Shirley Ho (bass) and Jonathan Nanberg (on drums).
  Anastasia Dimou (vocals), of greek descent, sounds like young Shirley Manson met young Gwen Stefani and they had become so close that almost merged into one. At the same time her vocal is very individual, moving and tempting as maneuvering on the edge of darkness and passion. Lyrics are extremely poetic and dainty, as you follow the text it invites you to take a part in a self-exploring journey.
  It's known that Anastasia Dimou's been friends with Mariqueen Maandig-Reznor (ex-West Indian Girl) who posted CBDs "Love Song" video on her Twitter page labeled as one of her favourites. We can trust Mariqueen's choice - she's got a sixth sence of music. So now i can predict this Lady (Dimou) will have a bright bright future.

You can watch CBDs new video "Forgotten Place" on ShockHound.com

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