Jan 26, 2011

Phylosophy of Life

Today..and 48 hours before was a hard time for me as i was widening the bounds of my thought. To be more precise i was preparing myself for phylosophy examination. Unluckily,  i've missed one lecture by reason of my malady. That wasn't a good excuse for phylosophy professor so i had to read one extra book to pass that examination. By that moment i've already read Plato's " Apology of Socrates", "Theaetetus" and " Phaedrus"; Immanuel Kant "Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?"; russian phylosopher A.V. Ahutin..But professor insisted on reading one more book (especially for me, who missed one of his lectures) - the book of russian professor of phylosophy and philology - V.V. Bibihin "The Language of Phylosophy" which is not less than 400 pages of pure phylosophic thought. I had to days to read it. And you know, i've read it. Whithout sleeping. It was really difficult for unprepared reader, but though very interesting. In the process i got that it's peerless pleasure to understand in yourself the essence of things. I'm really into phylosophy now. And it was so notibly nice when he said that i am "gifted student".
Unfortunately this gifted student has to pass exam on russian literature (end of 19th century) tomorrow, having no time to prepare!!! Ohhh, God, please give me a chance!


  1. good luck,hon!:) I'm sure you're gifted not only when it comes to phylosophy!

  2. Thanks Natalie!)))
    I'll do my best to prove!