Jun 13, 2011

Beady Eye live @ GlavClub, Saint-Petersburg

  So long ago since i last visited any live gigs. So long ago since i last wrote an article for my blog. Yes, life on Mars 've been kinda difficult-thing since my exams in university has started. I must admit i've been a reckless girl. Should have prepared better. But the summer has started and my head is somewhere higher than the clouds. Hope you, guys, haven't thought that i've completely left the Milky-Way galaxy. No, i'm still here with you.  Sometimes i even become social.:)
  This time i wanted to tell you about my Beady Eye live gig experience. If you are interested..and even if' you're not.  Here we are. I wasn't even suspecting of them to come here, but a friend of mine told me so i've decided to go. I've heard that Liam is a bad boy, just wanted to assure myself. Never was a big Oasis fan, but at least i used to hear all of their albums, some of them even more than once. They really were the spitit of 90's. And i do really love the 90's, espesially the music. Fantastic! But Oasis've never been touring even close to these places.
All the Pictures used in this article are taken by a great photographer from Saint-Petersburg - Maria Mitrofanova. Hope she don't mind me using her shoots.

  After another big squabble with Liam, Noel has left the band. And just before he left he released a solo album " The Dreams We Have as Children (Live for Teenage Cancer Trust)" on March 2009 which happened to be the beggining of the end. Later that year the band fell apart. And brothers begun to move in their own different ways. Liam formed a band called "Beady Eye" with other musicians from Oasis. Guys released their debut album "Different Gear, Still Speeding" in February 2011, and it sounds even more retrospective than you could imagine, but still great though and so rock'n'roll.
  Back to the main story..Beady Eye finally came to Saint-Petersburg city. Stylish and tough they were seen at LED airport on 2 June 2011. Watch it here!
Лиам Галлахер и его Beady Eye прибыли в Петербург (ВИДЕО)
Британская рок-группа Beady Eye, по сути являющаяся последним составом легендарных Oasis, только без Ноэля Галлахера, прилетела в Петербург с концертом. 
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  No matter they came beforehand, guys were late for the show, luckily for me. Cause i was also late. But when they started  - it was a damn hurricane! In a good meaning of course! Their live sound is amazing, even better than what you hear on the record. So powerfull. Makes you wanna jump from the first chords. What could make Liam dance - i don't know - maybe if only England took the Football World Cup last year. But that definitely would not be a stage event, i can guarantee. On stage he's brutal and do not talk a lot.
The public was great. I think some guys were waiting for this moment to come for their entire lives so they were very well prepared. Likely, neither Liam nor the other band members did not expect such an effort.
You can make sure with a little help of the videos i've recorded for you:

And some amazing photos by Maria Mitrofanova for a dessert.