Sep 17, 2010

The Eye Of Summer

Lately i've posted some photos..that i like, but that wasn't the pictures i've taken. This time it'll be a different story. A little the end of summer/the beginning of autumn novel captured by my Blackberry's camera. This is not something serious or professional, just the moments..All action's happening in St-Petersburg, Russia. Staring my friends, myself and some random people too. Let's go..

the walls are talking
This Grandma lives in my hood. So Lovely.
This is where young boys spend most of their free time
 AM hours on balcony
blue heat
 little dog's blues
comic dyed eyebrows of mine
the luna park's scared girl 
 where the magic happens - you grow younger!

She is...
not dreaming
some people think she's my big sister, but actually she is..)))
ex-ballet dancer
and this is her daughter, and, yup, i still act like a kid sometimes
flower car
evening water looks mysterious
as i'm waiting for my Latte
but she prefer red wine
it's been raining
and i breathe the smell of wet pavement..and i catch the lights of lonely looks so blue. it's a perfect time for writing songs and making love..or just walking as i did.
hello autumn, bye bye summer
September 5th, Sunday Up Market, I like this plastic-glass-lamp.
In process of creativity. The same place.The same time.
The Dress. Sunday Up Market.
dog's morning
everlasting gaze
department store can be fun, but i don't like them
catching reflection in far away bathroom
Rainbows & Rain Doves
Sata is hot!
Dressing up  like a widow
An Autunm That Came Too Soon
Girlfriends reunited
Staring at the PHOTO-Ooops!
The Gallery Gal
Hmmm...What do I want? Cocoa or a ginger tea with milk?

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