Feb 5, 2010

for the time being,

I rarely say something merely about life. Especially mine. But it's not a dark side of the moon for my friends..Hey guys i love you & i always miss you much when you are away or i'm away. @killing_sata you!!!;) Haven't seen you for a while, we're  busy ones i know. Have fun in Switzerland! Have a great time! I hope when you'll come back we'll rock with "THE B E A C H E S" in the Bar playing the best music! Love my friend Anette who's very caring. She made so sweet little present for me. Hey Anette, Love you & let's go to Udashkin +2 this saturday!) I  also miss my friend whom i haven't seen for almost a year!!! Nataly, it's you. Hope, you hear me & we'll get together someday.
Talking about me..tomorrow i have a hard-day cause i'm to perform on a birthdayparty in the club called "духless" in Saint-Petersburg. And i don't know what i'm going to sing, and even what i'm going to wear...A sort of PANIC!!!! Such a rush!
P.S. Have a great weekend! Hope to see you soon! xoxo.

P.S. Hi from Mr Big Bunnyman!!!)


  1. I love u so much!!!!!! thanx a lot for this post!
    tell me about your performance! I bet you were the best in there!

  2. i'll be missing you ma Hermosa)
    the perfomance was kinda funny, i had to wear some hip-hop stuff (like xl t-shirt and...para-pa-pam - the LA hat!!!! It was ridiculous. I bet you'd smile))