Nov 8, 2010

Taylor Momsen Horror Show

  It seems immediately obvious that America’s deadly tired of all those righteous girls and boys that vigorously conquering the Olympus of Fame, playing all-known roles of novitiates never ever even been close to the conception of anything that may contain “PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPICIT CONTENT”. Most of them are quite vigilant about their reputation. Sure thing it’s not for everyone. At least some of them don’t give a fuck until they spent several days in jail and find it not that comfortable. Unfortunately prices for controversial things are getting higher and not everyone can afford them even with the help of credits. But why not run chances?
Taylor Michel Momsen undoubtedly realized that she was born with enough middle fingers to choose a side… of “evil” forces. This pretty faced teenage lady started her downward spiral path from auditioning for “Hannah Montana” to playing a rebellion kid in “Gossip Girl” and starting her own rock band “The Pretty Reckless”. Luckily for her, role of Hannah was instead awarded to Miley Cyrus, who’s already desperate of becoming anything exclusive. So once saved by providence Taylor likely decided not to make any compromises about her image. Since she’s still not an adult (she is seventeen now) – it’s better to look..,well, more mature and rough. Like a little trashy porno-queen. So all these oversweetened hollywood cinderellas will nervously bite their freshly-made manicure in a rush of envious weakness. Or at least somebody may respect her for being different. For such a young actress it’s quite a decision by the way. Not givin’ a damn, hanging out with guys and outraging all decency. At the same time keeping her parents silent!)
But let’s face the truth – she’s not what she’s trying to perform. She’s not Courtney. And now it’s not 90’s. Just another tribute of 00’s. An obvious attempt to follow the fashion. And this fashion has already made ordinary look dull, while some bad attempts of extravagancy simply looks vulgar. Cause nowadays we have a mighty circle of really fabulous, fashionably iconic and cyber-savvy freaks. There’s even no need to list their names. Everybody knows them. Ha-ha, I must take a notice that most of them have graduated (or studied) from Christian Schools. Quite a Paradox. Society loves to feed its little monsters, doesn’t it? Before making them enemies and blaming for everything.
I bet this wide-eyed babydoll with the bold look of teenage crack whore from suburbs never even tried the real rock’n’roll lifestyle with all of its sex, drugs, alcohol and mysticism. If yes, she would have been the next miss Lohan with the little help of west coast paparazzi. So how could she know about it? Or is this just another fake? It’s only your decision what to believe in the end. I think there’s a good definition in Lady Gaga’s song:

Her kiss is a vampire grin
The moon lights her way while she’s howlin’ at him
She looks good
But her boyfriend says she’s a tramp
She’s a tramp
She’s a vamp
But she still does her dance
(“Dance in the Dark”)

The Pretty Reckless - Heart by DominicRiccitello

The pretty reckless - make me wanna die by MissMichelleLS

And about the dances…or to be more correct - about her music – she has quite a voice! Earthy, murmuring, low, pouring like a dense honey and is husky enough to make boys wanna melt. For the sake of it you start to forget about primitive and childish lyrics. The music itself is also heavy and that makes “the Pretty Reckless” fit well at most of alternative festivals.
I must emphasize that i'm not saying anything against her, on the contrary, i see potential in what she's doing. But sometimes she's really looking aweful, she'd better to cross that line or stop before the boundaries..) You know what i mean. Taylor, play more realistic and...,please, cut those damn locks..!
And finally...

This summer Taylor become a face of Madonna's new clothing brand "the Material Girl" designed by her daughter Lourdes Chicone.

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