Oct 21, 2010

My Little Birthday Wish-List

In a long memory this is the first Birthday Wish-List i've ever made, even not sure if it'll work..)) But creating this feels like a lotta fun and pleasure anyway, DREAMY DREAMY DREAMY process. To tell the truth..i'ma little bit afraid of birthdays, of years running..and of course the bigger preasent could be ever made is eternal youth, unfortunately we're not living in sience fiction..Awww. Though, some little human things can make it easier..))) So, those friends, who was asking me what do i want...now will be able to scan my mind!) And of course i won't list anything unreal... Let's start!

1)Make-Up brushes from MAC or Bobbie Brown
2) light loose powder from MAC
3) brows a-go-go pallete from benefit

4) ANYTHING from limecrime!

5) any of these t-shirts of my dream

 6) Yourself and your smile is essential!!!)