Jan 8, 2011

Beauty Through the Decades

   Each historical period enthroned it's type of beauty, it's own icons, ideals and standarts. And if antique ideal standart was Venus de Milo with such body dimensions as 86-69-93 (33.9-27.2-36.6.) and height 164sm, now ideal woman became taller and slender. No matter this changes has happend i'm pretty sure every type of woman has it's fans. But it would've been so interesting to retrace the beauty timeline of 20th Century as it gave us our modern conception of how beautiful woman may look like. Undoubtedly every decade and period was specified with their own traditions, fashion, make-up and hairstyle tendencies, people lifestyle and of course places..By the way, talking about make up, remember the TV Show "Blush" on MTV? - it's about make up artists trying to become #1 - in one episode there was a mission to recreate the looks of 30s, 50s, 60s, 80's and so on, but it became evident that none of the make-up artists had a clear idea of the image he/she was going to work on. Of course, why should we remember everything when we can just google it?! But the real professional is ready for everything. And better if he can do it without spending some extra-time on searching for "How Gretta Garbo looks like". That's why i've decided to make it clearer for myself..about the most beautiful females, their make-up and hairstyle, their favourite fashion designers, their lives e.t.c., but i've also wanted to share my discoveries with you, my Dear Readers. So let's start our little journey into the past..
The Victorians
   The people of Victorian era with their puritanical views preferred natural, restrained beauty and just a little bit of makeup. Middle- and upper-class woman used small amount of cosmetics whereas only prostitutes and actresses covered their faces beyond  powders and more audacious makeup. Society at that time really cared about hygiene and health that's why many woman magazines warned against the toxic qualities of lead-based industrial cosmetics. In 1840s women's heads were sleek and demure the hair oiled and smoothed down over the temples with long sausage curls at the side and later with a heavy knot of curls or plaits in back.
 Gabriella Ray (english actress)
 Adrienne Augarde (actress)
 Cléopatra Diane de Mérode (french dancer)
Edna May (american theatrical actress)
Camille Cliford (american actress of belgian decent)

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