Jan 21, 2011

Life On Mars demystified!

I guess it's my turn to reveal a few little things.. as one of my favourite bloggers Ode To Awe tagged me to write seven things about myself..7 things, 7 things..i got used to keep my cards closed from the eyes..wearing the vail of mystery, but i feel like breaking this tradition for once!
1. When i was a kid i used to live in Los-Angeles, Ca with my family and i remember it as one of the happiest times in my life.

2. When i was five years old i got lost in airport of Paris. It was near Christmas Eve and i met Santa Claus there, he tried to soothe me and gifted me a yo-yo.

3. Back in the days when i was a little girl many people called me "baby Claudia" for my resemblance with Claudia Schiffer, foretelling me a carrer of model. But i grew up medium height and curvier than models should be.

4. I've always been a kinda frank and spur-of-the-moment  type of person. So coming up to strangers and asking them "who's your favourite singer, etc" wasn't such a big deal for me. Btw, i always used to answer "..and mine is Michael Jackson". That was long long time ago.

5. As a teenager i was deeply in love with Marilyn Manson's music videos and his music. The was the reason #1 of arguing with my parents.

6. In school i was a rowdy and sometimes acted like a guy, i used to do lots of skateboarding back then. But somehow i've transformated into a very feminine lady, who's in love with dresses and high heels.

7. When choosing my further high education in university i thought beeing a journalist would help me in music. That's the number one reason why i'm studying for a journalist now. But now i have many other reasons..)

Now you know a little more about me and i'm free for passing on the baton for this bloggers:
Kim Akrigg, FashionMind, Kate-Why-Not, Abercrombie & Fitch sales slut, Cast Iron Songs, I <3 WildFox, Rock-the-Chic, She's a Carnival
P.S. I'm expecting to hear your 7 things about yourselves!!!


  1. Mmm, can't wait to hear it! There's always something we don't know about our (even close) friends!)))

  2. oh wow love your 7 things :) I can def. see the Claudia schiffer resemblance, you still look like her! I was more of a nine-inch-nails fan when I was a teen, and also more tom-boy-ish, i never wore dresses, now it's all i wear. смешно как мы (transform) после времени (LOL couldn't remember the word for transform!)

  3. Merci merci!)
    Yeah, it's so puzzling to watch us transforming (меняться)through the time. By the way Manson opened the gates that led me to NIN along the way. It was when "Fragile" was released if i'm not mistaken. But my favourite albums of NIN are still "Pretty Hate Machine" and "Downward spiral", though i like all of Trents music. What about yours?
    Claudia Schiffer..oh..maybe maybe, but back then i really looked like her daughter or Bardots grandchild.))
    P.S. I could imagine you...both tom-boy-ish and feminine!)))