Jan 22, 2011

Song to a Siren...

I have a long lasting love-affair with a song. The song is called "A song to the siren" performed by This Mortal Coil. It was a long long time ago when i was 11 year-old kid, collecting records and interesting films, that were phohibited to me by my parents. And one day i went to that market near my appartments and bought Lynch's "Lost Highway" (though it was a bit heavy for my mind back then..). While watching the film it was like "Bang" and i've heard the song, i was hypnotized by that voice. I've remembered each word. I went to the store again to buy a soundtrack. But i didn't found the song on the official OST. And i got very very sad cause i even didn't know the name of the band or anything that could help me in finding it. At the same time i was lurning to play guitar with an amazing teacher. Once he brought me a casette with Cocteau Twins "Blue Bell Know" and "Four Calendar Cafe" on it. I fell in love with the band. At that time i had no internet in here. And it was impossible to buy and download music with i-net. 7 years later. I got to the Cd store to buy some records and found a Mp3 Cd of Cocteau Twins (the bonus was This Mortal Coil's album). I was increadibly happy to listen to their other albums. And you know what when i've heard that song again i almost felt unconscious. That's how i finally found it.)))

Later i've decided to translate it into russian, for people who maybe can't understand the original language..here it is..
В бескрайнем и диком океане
Я не мог уловить улыбки на губах,
Пока твои поющие глаза и нежные пальцы
Ни заманили меня своими чарами..
И ты пела "плыви сюда, плыви ко мне,
позволь мне заполнить тебя"
И вот он я, падаю в эту бездну..
Мечтал ли я, что ты мечтаешь обо мне?
Была ли ты рядом, когда я плавал вслепую?
Теперь моя обманутая лодка поймала крен, любовь разбилась о твои камни..
Ты поешь "не прикасайся, приходи завтра.."
И мое сердце разрывается от тоски..
Я озадачен как младенец, опутан твоими чарами,
Вспенен как океан, как волны..
Должен ли я бороться с судьбой разбившихся
или отдаться в твои руки.
Услышь как я пою "плыви ко мне, плыви ко мне, заполни меня.
И вот он я, готов поддаться твоим чарам."

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