Jan 8, 2010

Long Black Month...

Holla everybody! The Dead season starts on Mars now. And yes..it's called winter session in university. It's like when your private life goes head over heels and the only thing you do 25hours a day is studing. Wistful, even though useful. So today is the first day. The good thing is that now i've got my Blackberry so it shouldn't be that boring) Eppp...dreams come true sometimes. It was in my wish-list in 2009, it's in my hands in 2010. I wish things will go like that this year for me & for all of my friends. Returning to Blackberry..my model is 8900 Curve as i wanted. And also i induced my Godfather to buy one too and suggested Bold 9000. I must say that this smartphones are amazing and  became my faves, yes, i like iPhone too for sure, but Blackberry is what I need for myself even some services are not availiable where i live.
Lots of interesting things happens all around...I'm all so inspired. I want to attend CMS in the end of the year, i need to find a good job to earn money for my  future +++education. It's so amazing, so catching...Arrr)))
P.S. Love Kandee's Blog. She's so sweet and talented.
P.P.S. My inspirational lineup
1)Lots of...Bat For Lashes music
2)some pictures..

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