Jun 28, 2010

A Look that scares!

I was thinking of starting a new heading called "Too much style" cause by now i've got way too much material to post. The first Lady-Victim of my new column is Taylor Momsen. A few words about this sweet-16-year-old demoiselle: she's been testing my fashion-patience for quite a long time with her unnaturally extra-dyed platinum blonde hair, over-make-uped face and sultry outfits. I do love "I'm a Rock Star" style, but she's been trying too hard, that's obvious and that's a total FAIL! Taylor, if you wanna look like Debbie Harry of Blondie or Cherrie Curry of Runaways - you need at least to be born with rock'n'roll in your veins or hire a good stylist. Don't horrify people. Cause now you look even more DREADFUL than Dani Filth of "Cradle of Filth" if that wasn't your goal.

                         Taylor plays a gothic monster

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