Nov 19, 2010

Easy Fashion: The simple things to ZOOM your style

Sometimes there's no need to buy something expensive to look stylish, especially when you're in your teens or early 20's! Agree? Of course we can mix simple monochrome items with something crazy, flamboyant, cyber-savvy, artsy. We can make a little step forward and use our imagination. Besides, nowadays we have the widest choice ever. I'd really like to see more groomed, intelegently-dresses, people on the streets of Saint-Petersburg.
all the the swimsuites are designed by Black Milk and cost around 90 usd
leggins from 65 to 90 usd, catsuites are about 90 usd

P.S. I bet i saw them before i just don't remember where! And .. some may say 50-100 usd is not that cheap, well, yes, but sometimes all of the girls save up money for some crazy things, right?

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