Nov 17, 2010

The Time Warp: Back in the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Well, one of my most beloved musicals ever - The Rocky Horror Picture Show - inspired lots of people all over the world, including me of course and Marilyn Manson!) And i must render its due - cause it has kept it's position through years and became one of those cult movies (i meant the movie that was filmed right after the musical, it was directed by Jim Sharman, if i'm not mistaken) we always get back to. No matter if we were born in 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s - it's still superfun, catching, moving, electric & full of iconic characters. Now it gets back to us with the help of popular TV show - Glee, that made a tribute and released it before Halloween 2010. Actually i didn't know  about it up to now. I just saw Even Rachel Wood dressed up as Magenta and decided to check out the reason. See. That's how things happen. Surprisingly.


and NOW:

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW 1975 film (pictures):
 Magenta & Rif Raf
 Magenta, Dr. Frank'n'Furter & Columbia
 Magenta & Columbia
 Magenta & Rif Raf
 Magenta & Rif Raf
 Tim Curry (the actor)
 Dr. Frank'n' Furter
 Columbia & Magenta
 Magenta, Frank, Columbia
 Dr. Frank'n'Furter
 the song in the end
Rif Raf, Frank'n'Furter, Magenta

she looks amazing as Magenta, doesn't she!?


  1. i've always wanted to recreate the magenta space costume to wear..well, not even on halloween, just in general. Favorite forever, have seen it probably, at least, 25 times if not more

  2. Haha, me too! Her image is a WISH! We must put it in our "to-do" list. And recreate..maybe not for something casual, but at least for some crazy party, or masquarade or..whatever! And every time i'm upset i rewatch "RHPC", or "Crybaby")

  3. YES, it would make an amazing masquerade party dress!!

    (cry-baby and rocky horror def. put me in the best mood)

  4. i would like it more if it wasnt a musical